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  • Osaki Sta. West Exit Bus Terminal ~ Narita Airport, Shibayama Line (Narita Shuttle)

Expressway bus

Osaki Sta. West Exit Bus Terminal ~ Narita Airport, Shibayama Line (Narita Shuttle)


Revised timetable from October 1,2019. Please use this.

Timetable can be found here Timetable

Travel information

Forward: Osaki Sta. West Exit Bus Terminal ~ Narita Airport Terminal 3, Narita Airport Terminal 2 3F, Narita Airport Terminal 1 4F, Shibayama Junior High School-entrance, Shibayama Town Office
Return: Shibayama Town Office, Shibayama Junior High School-entrance, Narita Airport Terminal 3, Narita Airport Terminal 2, Narita Airport Terminal 1 ~ Osaki Sta. West Exit Bus Terminal

Fare (One way)

Standard fare (One way)
Adult 1,300 yen, Child 650 yen
Advanced reservation fare (One way)
Adult 1,000 yen

Reservations and tickets

Boarding from Narita Airport

Those who are boarding from Narita Airport should make sure to check the following.

(1) Using a bus from 7:00 ~ 21:00 (during Keisei counter business hours)

  • ■ Making an advanced reservation
    If the boarding date is specified, advanced reservation is possible.
    On the day of use, present proof of reservation at the Keisei bus ticket counter (reservation confirmation e-mail, printed out or electronically) to receive your tickets for a specified time.

    *You will not be able to ride in the case of full seating.
    *A limited number of advanced reservations are accepted per day.

  • ■ Using a ticket purchased on the same day
    Please purchase a ticket for the specified time at which you wish to board the bus from the Keisei bus ticket counter in the airport.

(2) Using a bus before 6:00 or from 22:00 (outside counter business hours)

  • ■ Come directly to the bus stop and wait in line for the next available bus.
    If you do not have an advanced reservation, deposit the fare amount into the fare box when boarding.

Boarding from Shibayama Town Office/Shibayama Junior High School-entrance/Osaki Sta. West Exit Bus Terminal

Please purchase tickets in advance using one of the following reservation methods.

<Web reservation>

Make a reservation using the following website.

WILLER TRAVEL http://willerexpress.com/en/

• Reservation acceptance period
From two months prior up to 20 minutes before departing from each stop
• Ticketing method
  • ① Payment by credit
  • ② JBLP/JBP/WEB tickets
  • ③ Payment through convenience store

<Phone reservation>

WILLER TRAVEL Reservation Center
TEL 0570-200-770 (Operating hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00)

*WEB discount fares are exempt. (Adult one way 1,300 yen)
*By reservation only. After making a reservation, purchase your tickets at a convenience store or with a sales representative.
*Tickets departing on the current day can be purchased without reservation if there are seats available. (Please pay the fare in cash on the bus)

Contact / Other
Chibakotsu Narita office TEL 0476-22-0783
Keisei Bus Chiba office TEL 043-433-3800
Keisei Bus Shin-Narashino Expressway office TEL 047-470-6071
WILLER EXPRESS, Inc. Head Office TEL 03-3522-5611
WILLER EXPRESS, Inc. Chiba Branch TEL 0479-77-3261
WILLER EXPRESS, Inc. Nagano Branch TEL 026-299-3955

*Reservations not accepted at this number.

Usage guide

  • Tickets for buses departing from Narita Airport are managed for each individual terminal.
    Please note that there may be cases in which you may not be able to board even if seats are available.
  • Allow ample time when traveling, as it may not be possible to arrive on schedule due to traffic congestion, etc. Please understand that we assume no responsibility for any damages which may be caused by a delay.
  • Buses come equipped with a trunk room, however as a general rule it can be used for only one suitcase per person. For additional baggage, we request that you ship them to your destination in advance, etc.
  • Using seats for luggage is strictly prohibited. Please store in the overhead racks, at the feet, in the trunk room, etc. Except in cases of serious negligence on behalf of the operating company, we assume no responsibility in the event of loss, theft, or damage of customer items.
  • We request that you always wear your seatbelt. As of June 1, 2008, wearing a seatbelt has become mandatory in every seat. While safe driving is our number one priority, we ask that you wear a seatbelt for your own safety while the bus is in operation. It should be noted that buses are exempt from having to use child seats. As such, please note that the company has not prepared any child seats for use.