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  • Ryuo, Kofu, Isawa, Ichinomiya, Katsunuma ~ Narita Airport line

Expressway bus

Ryuo, Kofu, Isawa, Ichinomiya, Katsunuma ~ Narita Airport line


July 14, 2023: Partial service resumed / Fares revised.

Timetable can be found here Timetable

Travel information

Forward: Ryuo, Kofu Sta. South Exit, Yamanashi Gakuin Univ., Isawa, Ichinomiya, Katsunuma ~ "Tokyo Disneyland ®" (Only Part), Narita Airport No. 3 PTB, Narita Airport No. 2 PTB (3F Departure Lobby), Narita Airport No. 1 PTB (4F Departure Lobby)
Return: Narita Airport No. 3 PTB, Narita Airport No. 2 PTB (1F Arrival Lobby), Narita Airport No. 1 PTB (1F Arrival Lobby) , "Tokyo Disneyland ®" (Only Part) ~ Katsunuma, Ichinomiya, Isawa, Yamanashi Gakuin Univ., Kofu Sta. South Exit, Ryuo

Fare (One way)

Fares will be revised on Friday, July 14, 2023.

Ryuo, Kofu ~
Narita airport
Adult 4,950 yen Child 2,480yen
Yamanashi Gakuin Univ. ~
Narita airport
Adult 4,850 yen Child 2,430yen
Isawa, Ichinomiya, Katsunuma ~
Narita airport
Adult 4,600 yen Child 2,300yen
Ryuo, Kofu ~
"Tokyo Disneyland ®"
Adult 3,600 yen Child 1,800yen
Yamanashi Gakuin Univ. ~
"Tokyo Disneyland ®"
Adult 3,500 yen Child 1,750yen
Isawa, Ichinomiya, Katsunuma ~
"Tokyo Disneyland ®"
Adult 3,300 yen Child 1,650yen

*As a general rule, children will be charged the child price if they are occupying a seat, even if they elementary or preschool age (6 or younger).

Reservations and tickets

For those traveling to Narita airport...
 ◆Reservation◆ Reservations can be made from one month before the departure date.
•Net reservation through PC, smart phone

Reservation and seat availability service
“Departure Alright Net”

(5:00 ~ 26:00)

▼For reservations via cell phone▼

•Reservation by phone

Kofu Sta. Yamanashi Kotsu Bus Center 
TEL 055-223-5711

Reception hours / 9:00 ~ 20:00

*Phone operators can only speak Japanese.

Do not lose your reservation number, as it will be necessary at the time of purchase.

After making a reservation, purchase your tickets at the Kofu Bus Center up to two days prior to travel.

•At a convenience store (Prior reservation required)

LAWSON “Loppi”
FamilyMart “Multi Copy”
Circle K Sunkus “Karuwasa Station”
(Including exceptions)

•On a PC (Printer required)

Nippon Travel Agency, Expressway Bus Plaza

Bus Plaza

(5:00 ~ 26:00)
* The Japanese site will open.

Ticket sales to Ryuo, Kofu Sta., Isawa, Ichinomiya and Katsunuma

Ticket to Ryuo, Kofu Sta., Isawa, Ichinomiya and Katsunuma can only be purchased on the same day as travel. Please purchase before riding.

Purchasing tickets

  • Terminal 1... 1F Keisei counter
  • Terminal 2... 1F Keisei counter
  • Terminal 3... 1F Bus ticket counter


  • Due to airport boarding procedures, etc., please allow ample time for arrival.
  • Before departure, make sure to check the airline and terminal building you will be using.
  • There may be delays due to road conditions. In addition, we assume no responsibility for any damages which may be caused by a delay.
  • Baggage entrusted to us for the trunk can be a suitcase sized item (up to 30kg), one per customer.
  • Please keep hold of any luggage which may contain valuables or fragile items. We assume no responsibility in the event of damage or loss.
  • There is no smoking allowed in any of the vehicles.