Expressway bus

Kumagaya, Konosu, Kuki ~ Narita Airport Line


Service starting from October 19, 2017. Please use this.

Timetable can be found here Timetable

Travel information

Forward: Niijimashako ~ Kumagaya Sta. South Exit ~ Konosu Sta. East Exit ~ Kuki Shobu Bus Terminal ~ Narita Airport No.2 PTB 3F, Narita Airport No.1 PTB 4F, Narita Airport No.3 PTB
Return: Narita Airport No.3 PTB, Narita Airport No.2 PTB, Narita Airport No.1 PTB ~ Kuki Shobu Bus Terminal ~ Konosu Sta. East Exit ~ Kumagaya Sta. South Exit ~ Niijimashako

Fare (One way)

Kuki Shobu Bus Terminal ~ Narita airport

Adult 2,900 yen Child 1,450 yen
Konosu Sta. East Exit ~ Narita airport
Adult 3,400 yen Child 1,700 yen

Kumagaya Sta. South Exit ~ Narita airport

Adult 3,900 yen Child 1,950 yen

Niijimashako ~ Narita airport

Adult 3,900 yen Child 1,950 yen

Reservations and tickets

  • Heading to Narita airport is by reservation only. Reservations are accepted from 1 month in advance.
  • The same day is acceptable without reservation if there are seats available. Please pay in cash at the time of boarding.
Reservations for Narita airport, ticket sales office
•Net reservation through PC, smart phone

Reservation and seat availability service
“Departure Alright Net”

•Reservation by phone

Expressway Bus Reservation Center
TEL 048-521-3591

Reception hours / 9:00 ~ 17:00

Do not lose your reservation number, as it will be necessary at the time of purchase.

•At a convenience store

LAWSON “Loppi”
FamilyMart “FamiPort”
Circle K Sunkus “Karuwasa Station”

•At a ticket window

Tsukada Ticket Counter (Kumagaya Sta.), Kokusai Juo Koutsu Co. (KJK) (Niijima Garage), Tobu Top Tours, JTB, Kinki Nippon Tourist Co. (KNT) Stores
Note: Travel agencies may charge handling fees in addition to the cost of the fare.

Reservations for Narita airport, ticket sales office

Reservations are not available for buses to the following destinations: Kuki Shobu Bus Terminal, Konosu Sta. East Entrance、Kumagaya Sta. South Entrance、Niijima Garage.

To purchase tickets, please visit the Keisei bus ticket counter located within Narita Airport on the day you would like to travel.

  • Terminal 1... 1F Keisei counter
  • Terminal 2... 1F Keisei counter
  • Terminal 3... 2F Bus ticket counter

Usage guide

  • Tickets for buses departing from Narita Airport are managed for each individual terminal.
    Please note that there may be cases in which you may not be able to board even if seats are available.
  • Allow ample time when traveling, as it may not be possible to arrive on schedule due to traffic congestion, etc.
    Please understand that we assume no responsibility for any damages which may be caused by a delay.
  • Buses come equipped with a trunk room, however as a general rule it can be used for only one suitcase per person.
    For additional baggage, we request that you ship them to your destination in advance, etc.
  • Using seats for luggage is strictly prohibited. Please store in the overhead racks, at the feet, in the trunk room, etc.
    Please keep your luggage and any valuables or fragile items with you. We assume no responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to customer items.
  • We request that you always wear your seatbelt. As of June 1, 2008, wearing a seatbelt has become mandatory in every seat. While safe driving is our number one priority, we ask that you wear a seatbelt for your own safety while the bus is in operation. It should be noted that buses are exempt from having to use child seats. As such, please note that the company has not prepared any child seats for use.
  • There is no smoking allowed in any of the vehicles.